Thursday, September 8, 2011

CCS Monsters

The Center for Cartoon Studies is back and to help new students adjust to their new lifestyle, Jason Lutes gave a lecture (that I couldn't show up to, due to having class) about what cartooning does to you, and I made pictures!

Firstly, here we have a cartoonist, though she has no cartoonist trappings. From this picture, we can only actually assume that she's a comic fan, as she is carrying a Schulz Library bag and reading a book that has panels on the cover.

Aww... she's sleeping now, dreaming of comics that explode in dreams. Wait... were her fingers that claw-like in the last picture?

Whoa! This girl is EATING comics! Comics are surprisingly low in vitamins! I hope that glass has orange juice in it.

What a disgusting way to produce comics! But I guess it's a good thing she's enjoying it, as flushing it down would surely clog the toilet.

WH-WH-WHAAA?!? Who knew that reading comics had such a nightmarish effect on you, not to mention your community! White River Junction had not known such devastation since I drew it without any reference photos!

I'm fairly certain that Jason's lecture was about how this school turns you into a comic-producing monster, but had I been giving that lecture, it would've been a cautionary tale. "It's too late for me! Save yourself! Get out! GET OUT WHIILE YOU CAAAAN!" is what I would scream at them, uncomfortably close enough to breathe my creepy old man breath on their face, my bony fingers wrapped tightly around their shoulders.
Now I have to go to the bathroom - I got a novel brewin'.

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