Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nate Has Big Dreams

I also have little dreams. Here's a weird comic based on a little dream I had awhile ago.

The dream included a certain ladyfriend of mine, but I had it before I knew her so well, so my subconscious ascribed the personality that the majority of girls I'm into seem to have. That is to say, she treats me like a gay friend at best and is simply using me at worst.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

CCS Monsters

The Center for Cartoon Studies is back and to help new students adjust to their new lifestyle, Jason Lutes gave a lecture (that I couldn't show up to, due to having class) about what cartooning does to you, and I made pictures!

Firstly, here we have a cartoonist, though she has no cartoonist trappings. From this picture, we can only actually assume that she's a comic fan, as she is carrying a Schulz Library bag and reading a book that has panels on the cover.

Aww... she's sleeping now, dreaming of comics that explode in dreams. Wait... were her fingers that claw-like in the last picture?

Whoa! This girl is EATING comics! Comics are surprisingly low in vitamins! I hope that glass has orange juice in it.

What a disgusting way to produce comics! But I guess it's a good thing she's enjoying it, as flushing it down would surely clog the toilet.

WH-WH-WHAAA?!? Who knew that reading comics had such a nightmarish effect on you, not to mention your community! White River Junction had not known such devastation since I drew it without any reference photos!

I'm fairly certain that Jason's lecture was about how this school turns you into a comic-producing monster, but had I been giving that lecture, it would've been a cautionary tale. "It's too late for me! Save yourself! Get out! GET OUT WHIILE YOU CAAAAN!" is what I would scream at them, uncomfortably close enough to breathe my creepy old man breath on their face, my bony fingers wrapped tightly around their shoulders.
Now I have to go to the bathroom - I got a novel brewin'.