AVAST! The Curse of the Sea Hag

YAR! This comic be a collaborative effort between fellow CCSers Donna Almandrala, Andy Warner, Mia Onorato, Sean K, and Bill "The Billage" Bedard. It's a 32-page full-color book, done in the style of a 1940's comic book, complete with fake advertisements and a cat in a box, done in a mere two weeks immediately following our return to school after the winter break, me hearties. 

Originally, I had pitched that our story be about a gang of vikings that attacks a village, only to be raped and murdered by teddy bears, but it didn't get a lot of votes. Scurvy dogs...

You will pay! $3.00

Nate Vs - The Complete Webcomic

Did you know? I used to do a webcomic called 'Nate Vs'. It was my first foray into doing comics that weren't about selling T-shirts or linking banners or making money in general - a mindset that will likely cause me to not have a career in this business for many years.