Monday, April 30, 2012


So, this is something the might go under the category of should-have-been-posted-last-week, but MoCCA fest was last weekend! You should have totally come by and said hey!

In more recent news, IT WENT GREAT! It was a really fun fest, I got some really cool trades, which I'll likely be posting about shortly and New York continued to not be as terrifying as I somehow keep expecting it to be.

I'm a small town boy, but it turns out that my professionally cool disposition makes me very well suited for big cities. My ability to thoughtlessly spend $40 a night on two drinks and some shrimp rolls proved less advantageous.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cells #2 Cover

I realized I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd give a little something to whet your appetites. That was a pun because the next issue is all about food. Just letting you know that y'all should be groaning.

Ominous tentacles are always trying to take your stuff.